Saturday, January 8, 2011

The New Year Started of with a Bang!

So I was fully prepared for this student teaching thing!  Teaching in a classroom all day, then giving lessons in the afternoon, making dinner, and then practicing would be no big deal right?  Oh my goodness...I was so not ready for this...

Don't get me wrong, teaching in a classroom, the little bit I've done, is a lot of fun.  I'm learning a lot, and surprisingly some of the things I use all the time in my private lessons I have used in the classroom and they have worked well.  Others, not so much.  I love the kids in the elementary school I'm in.  They are excited to be in music and are very enthusiastic.  My host teacher is amazing.  He is willing to let me try things, anything, and see how it works.  He is also very supportive of me teaching with my violin!  This means that for the kindergarten class we were doing a sing-along with violin instead of piano accompaniment.  The kinders thought that it was really cool that I could play and sing at the same time :)

The downside to all of this fun during the day is that after I have taught in the school, given a lesson or two, and made dinner, I have no more energy left to give.  It isn't that I'm sleeping less, or even getting up much earlier in the morning, it is purely the amount of energy that I spend in the classroom is the amount of energy I used to spend in an entire day.  This means that I am going to have to come up with some alternative ways to practice because I cannot spend an entire semester only practicing for an hour a day.

Next week I will try getting up an hour earlier to practice in the morning as well as practicing after I teach before dinner so that I am more motivated.  I think part of the problem is that the first time I have to relax all day is sitting down and eating dinner and motivating myself to get up and practice is much harder than convincing myself to take a break "for just a little bit longer" which then turns into an hour on the couch reading a book and then I'm falling asleep. 

So for this week, my goals are really to try to practice more and continue working on vibrato.  I would also like to really work on the double stops with scales exercises.  Wish me luck!

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