Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New year, new start

I have been really bad about posting...oops.  Best laid plans, and life just got in the way.  So it has officially been 366 days since I graduated from college and I have learned a lot, but in many ways feel like I know even less than I did last year. 

Update:  I don't particularly enjoy all of the non-teaching aspects of a public school position.  I don't like to prescribed curriculum, organizing/dealing with the pain and stress of setting up concerts outside of school hours, dealing with students who really couldn't care any less about my class and topping it all off, teaching outside of my specialty.  All good things to know.  So, I will be applying this fall to graduate school (enroll fall of 2013)!

 For anyone who has ever taken a year off from being a serious practicing violin player and just played and practiced enough for that community orchestra you are in, and then decided that in 6 months you will be filming your pre-screening auditions, then you know how I'm feeling right now.  For everyone else, just know that I oscillate between thinking I am completely insane and being so excited that I can hardly contain myself. 

My hope is to use this blog for the next year through the practicing, filming, and actual auditions as a way to make sure that I am not loosing a year of my life to preparing but living it to the fullest potential.  That being said, I have a few cool things to mention before tonights second round of practicing begins  :)

NEW BOW!!!!  I love my new bow!  Sooooo much.  Who knew what a difference it could make?  I am still learning how to best use it, so only about 20% of what I mean to do with it actually happens, but for that 20% it is amazing and I am getting better with it each and every minute. 

I have joined (according to a friend) the "real world" and bought an iPhone.  It is amazing.  My favorite apps are the EA game of Life, and Starlight.  For Starlight, you can see what stars are in the sky above you (or below or to the right or get the idea) any time of the day or night.  All you have to do is turn on the app and point the back of the phone in the direction you are curious of and it shows you what constelations, stars, planets, or other astronomical phenomena are visible (or not visible but still out there).  How cool is that?  I have spent many distracted breaks while practicing using that app.  Best part?  It was free! :)  And, who doesn't love the game of life?  I love the updated blue squares the most.

Keeping track of the music,  I am currently working on Mozart AM concerto No. 5, Bruch gm Concerto, Bach CM Sonata, Paganini no. 16, and a pile of technique books.  Plans are to incorporate Lalo Symphanie Espagnol, Mendelsohn Concerto in em, Prokofiev Concerto No.2, and a Beethoven sonata.  This is for auditions and just some basic rep building.

I am also planning to audition for Concertmaster of a local community orchestra as well as Assistant Concertmaster of another.  Wish me luck!

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