Friday, July 13, 2012

Vacation???? Who has time for vacation?

This summer has been a whirl-wind of crazy.  Lets start with that concertmaster audition...I played, thought I did ok, was asked to join the orchestra as a member but not the concertmaster.  I said no (how many volunteer positions can one person be expected to handle???) and then a week later the position was posted again.  Weird. 

Then I took a much needed vacation to upsate WA to visit friends and family.  The highlights of my trip were sight reading the first Duo Concertante by De Beriot with K and having R laugh himself silly at us :) 
Me and K and yes that is a french fry at the Mariner's Game (they won!)

Also check out the view from my room:

Looking out at Sqamish Bay off the Hood Canal which is off Puget Sound
It was distracting!  5 beautiful and sunny days on the Olympic Peninsula and in Seattle.  I was really lucky.  Then a day in Denver, most of which I spent reading in the main branch of the public library, to find out I don't have jury service and making up all of the lessons I missed to go on vacation.

I was also asked to sub at the El Sistema CO program in Denver and I had an amazing time with the kids and staff.  They do great work.  Check them out at

Now I am trying desperately to get back into a practice and more practice routine.  Hopefully things will settle down after my cousins wedding tomorrow.  In the meantime, I am oscillating between love and hate with both the first movement of the Bruch and the third movement of the Mendelssohn concertos (one because of memorization, one because my pinky is being stupid). 

Another audition for Principle Second Violin coming up in about six weeks.  I'm off to start the excerpts for that!