Monday, September 17, 2012

Grad School Adventures Part 1

Tomorrow morning I leave for Philadelphia to visit the first of 5 potential graduate schools Temple University.  I am very excited and I hope that I don't forget to do anything important while I'm there.  I never did the college visits when I was applying for my undergrad, so this will be a brand new experience!

School has started without me and I am loving it!  Not having to be somewhere at 6:50 in the morning is wonderful :)  I just get to get up, workout, and then start practicing.  Or run errands when there is no one else out.  My grocery shopping time has been cut in half! 

I am working on the first movement of the Barber violin concerto and obsessively listening to Joshua Bell's recording.  I am in love with the first note.  It is home to me and every time I hear it or play it, I feel content.  Which can be rather dangerous with the Barber for the tricky tonality at the bottom of the first page.  I am also playing the last 2 movements of the Bach CM Unaccompanied Sonata which have both been favorites of mine for a long time.  I feel like I am coming full circle with them.  When I first started to apply to undergrad, I picked out those two movements for a couple of schools audition requirements.  I worked so hard on them, but wasn't able to really play them well.  I just didn't have the technique to do it at that point.  Now I am playing them and I have found the fun in Bach.  Paganini 16 is still growing on me.  I love the first 3 lines, but I have yet to love the rest of it. 

Orchestra has started again.  I'm back in the first violins; didn't get the principle second job.  Oh, well.  Less stress for me!  But not really since the first program is killer...

I have procrastinated long enough for now.  Back to practicing!!!