Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whirlwind of crazy

There has been so much going on lately, and it's all very exciting! I leave in 2 short days for Milwaukee, WI for an audition at UWM. I'm nervous, almost equal parts for driving around a new city in a rental car (yes I CAN rent a car) and the audition itself (a bit more for the audition...).

After I get back my life will take a drastic shift immediately. I haven't been subbing much this year to leave me time to prepare for auditions, however I am in need of making some extra money. I have car repair costs to keep my car in good running condition and I am very seriously considering buying a new violin this year. Mine has never really adapted to the super dry CO climate and it is not sounding very good anymore. Anyway, I will suck up the nastiness of 5am phone calls and start taking more sub jobs to get some capital.

In other news, it snowed yesterday! I love waking up to a clean white snow, it is refreshing after the brown I get used to seeing everyday.

I should probably go shovel some...

I am also making a new violin case snuggie (not to be confused with the As Seen on TV adds for blankets with sleeves) for my new case. It is going to be nice and frigid in WI and I don't want my violin to get too cold :)

It's not done yet, I can't seem to remember how I made the last one. It's been too long... If I can figure out a great way to do it, maybe I will make a pattern and try to sell it :)