Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stress sewing...

Waiting for the letter for grad school is extremely stressful. And there is absolutely nothing I can do but wait. And check the mailbox obsessively. So I stress. For me the usually means lots of cooking and baking. These both require attention and are good ways to distract myself. Today, it is sewing.

I have two major projects going already, but do I pick one of those to work on? No. I pull out one I have the blocks done for and put the rows together. (The pattern is from a McCalls Quick Quilt magazine, "All a Twitter", june/july 2012). So not only am I stress sewing, I'm not working on the projects I have deadlines for. Stress does weird things to me.

Winter has arrived in full form and the softly falling snow is conducive to practicing and sewing in copious amounts :)

That's it for now, hopefully I won't be stressed for too much longer!

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