Wednesday, August 28, 2013

End of Summer Break

Summer is coming to an end for me. Classes start next week, 6 days! I'm really looking forward to getting going, I have just a bit too much free time on my hands right now. My roommate and I have begun learning to use the bus system which is going to be my primary means of transport to and from campus.

We went to Irish Fest and Discovery World a couple of weekends ago and I got some great pictures from the Reimann Aquarium! I love looking at fish. And we got to pet a sturgeon and manta rays. It was pretty comical as I am not tall enough to reach into the tank without completely leaning on the side, so I got soaked :)

I have really settled in with my stuff in the apartment too. My room is done and I have a permanent sewing table set up in the dining room!

These are the hummingbirds hanging on the cork board, one of several works in progress I already have going...

Not to mention the practicing and prepping for auditions. That's all for now!

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