Monday, October 28, 2013


The semester is going so fast! I have so much I need to accomplish and so much I want to accomplish its crazy. And really starting to pile up...

My research paper is going well, but I'm trying to get my rough draft done by Thursday (a week before it's due) and that's a tad ambitious. If I succeed though I will then have a week to work on my presentation of the paper and the official rough draft is due the day after my presentation. And then 5 entire weeks to finalize the paper :) that is the best part! My topic is the development of the German baroque violin sonata focusing on the violin sonatas composed by Johann Heinrich Schmelzer and Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber. It's fantastic! More later on...

I'm super excited to start working with my accompanist this week on the first movement of Lalo's Symphonie Espagnol. It's coming together for me, mostly, and I'm working on memorizing it for juries in December. I have violin midterms next Monday, scales and an étude memorized in front of the class, and a looming possible quiz about general violin/music knowledge that may or may not happen on any given week. So you know...the usual :)

This is where I spend my time. A small room with my stuff sprawled everywhere. I love practice rooms! I can get so much done in them and block out the rest of the world. And there is no one in them on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons...go figure. Guess that officially makes me a music nerd :). And if you look super close at that picture you can see my newly finished violin case snuggy! The one I started back in January...

In other news I'm expanding my craft project list (because I'm crazy) by adding 2 things every time I finish one. Yep, that's just how I do things!

To finish tonight:
Recordings comparison paper rough draft
Notes on 2 more sources for research paper
Write introduction for research paper
Study for pedagogy midterm

To finish this week:
Research paper rough draft
Recordings paper final draft
Memorized scale patterns and étude for midterm
Finish compiling all of the pieces for rep class method book (a crazy fun project!)
Sewing the rows together and borders onto my new twister quilt
Finish tracing the last page for fusible appliqué on the garden quilt block

PS where is the snow? CO has already gotten some and I've yet to see any here :(

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