Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays!

My favorite time of year is here! I love the holiday season: the colors, the snow, the family time, the music :)

This year is a bit different as I am not setting up a tree in my apartment and I did not go home for Thanksgiving to help set up the one at my parents house. Decorating is one of my favorite traditions and my (ever growing) collection of holiday decorations is packed safely away, waiting for me to get a grown up job and have a more permanent living situation. So in the mean time, I am making do with finishing up some holiday projects and gift giving while listening to lots and lots of Christmas music!

My parents came out to visit me a couple of weekends ago, and I had such an amazing time with them! We were tourists for the weekend and it was really fun :)

We found the ducks along the river walk and were the only ones out enjoying it (maybe because it was cold and misty...)

We also stopped to see the lake close to my apartment, just a bit before the tornado sirens went off...

We also went to Discovery World and spent the afternoon avoiding the torrential downpour that was happening outside. I got some more good pictures of the fish and saw a pregnant seahorse which was neat.

One of my many holiday projects is from a McCalls Quilting magazine, I modified the borders and used lots of bright colors :)

Pinned and ready to quilt! Hopefully I will finish it this weekend. I have 5 more gifts to finish (only one is started, but it's the biggest one, so I'm not worried) and 2 things I would like to finish for me before I go home for break.

I had the flu earlier this week (ick!!!) and spent two days doing nothing. And am just now feeling mostly back to normal. Which means I am very behind on my practicing and school work.

To Do this weekend:
Finish 2 gifts
Finish one thing for me
Practice everyday
Memorize first half of Lalo
Memorize one movement of Bach
Finish laying out method book and plan what needs to be printed out
Find more sources for expanding the research paper

To Do next week:
Finish 2 more gifts
Buy other gifts on cyber Monday
Print and assemble method book
Second draft of research paper
Begin to assemble pedagogy portfolio
Finish memorizing Lalo
Finish memorizing Bach

None of this seems unreasonable right now, so hopefully I can get it all done!

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great holiday season! :)

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