Monday, November 11, 2013

Taking stock, and first snow of the season!

This has been a difficult semester for me, at times I have felt like Milwaukee is out to get me. After a particularly rough weekend, I have decided to make one change that will hopefully make my tenure here much better. I have decided to take out a small student loan so that I have a travel allowance to go home and visit my family and friends. I have felt very isolated here and I think this is the best solution. Much better than trying to cram all of my stuff back in my car and start driving south-west...

I am used to being completely self-sufficient, and it was really difficult when I had a major problem this weekend to try and sort through it on my own. I'm really grateful my roommate was so awesome, she helped me not freak out too much, and distracted me when I needed it.

I can't even begin to express how excited I am to see my parents when they come out to visit next weekend! And I go home in 5 weeks :)

Practicing was not productive this weekend, but I have added the excerpts for the NRO festival to my pile of music and I am planning on registering for an audition at the end of February. In other news, I cooked a lot, and I am going to try and finish a quilt top before bed tonight. It shouldn't be too hard, I only have four seams...

And it snowed! Finally! I loved watching the flakes swirl down. Not much stuck, and it will be cold tomorrow, but it snowed! Yay :)


I finished the sparks runner :)

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