Friday, February 14, 2014

Stressful time of year

What is it about February that is so stressful?  I wish I knew how to make it less stressful.  Turns out unplugging from the iPad was a bad idea.  I didn't realize how much I legitimately use it for school until I started leaving it at home.  I must learn some self control.  Not watching TV didn't go that well either, I needed some mindless entertainment a couple of times.  Alas, it seems I am more plugged in than I thought. 

Auditions are due tomorrow for 2 of the programs I am applying for this summer.  I decided to not apply for one that was originally on my list because I am not ready with one of the excerpts.  Oh well.  One more with a live audition next weekend (and a trip home!) and then the last one is not due until March 15 :)

Opera performances tonight and tomorrow, a new concerto to learn by Wednesday, more excerpts, Lalo, and Bach to practice for next weekend, and a final video recording of things tomorrow when there is better natural light.

I am working on a project for my repertoire class that I am hoping will turn into a published article or something I can present at a conference sometime in the future!  It is super exciting.  I am also pondering a weekly blog post subject, more on that to come later. 

In crafting news, I will be picking up my sewing machine tomorrow and trying to sell it on Craigslist (come on Craigslist!!!) and using my tax refund and the proceeds of said sale to buy a new sewing machine.  I love to sew, and I want a machine that can keep up with me :)

That's all for now, my fingers are sore from the practicing and I want to give them a rest before tonight's performance!

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