Sunday, February 9, 2014


With so much going on in the next two weeks, I decided to unplug my myriad of devices: no TV/movies, the phone will be for communication only, the laptop for homework only, but mainly, no iPad.  I am terrible at sitting and wasting time on my iPad.  So hopefully this will help keep me focused on what I need to do.  I am allowing for a small concession: I will be continuing to use my Nook, I am reading Jane Austin on it, and because I would read it in paperback form if I had it, I will continue to use the Nook.  I think this will be very good for me.  I may decide to watch The Big Bang Theory on Thursday, since that is really the only show I like to watch. 

Audition recordings are due Saturday and I am planning on a recording session on Tuesday and hopefully having everything submitted by Friday to have a little slush time for just in case.  We have opera this week, so dress rehearsals Wednesday and Thursday and performances this weekend.  Then I am heading home for my live audition in 2 weeks and then things cool off.

I did get something crafty accomplished! And it didn't even involve the sewing machine :)

I made a design board :) it is a 20x30 inch piece of foam board with a layer of batting on top and binding around the edge.  I used the tutorial from the blog Bee In My Bonnet.  It was a hot glue gun fiesta and I'm still picking glue strings off my fingers!  I've been wanting something for the wall, but not a huge investment like a full design wall, so I added Command picture hanging strips to the back, the ones that are like a pseudo-velcro so that I can take it down easily if I want to.

With the unplugged week coming, I hope it's productive, and I'll be back later!

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