Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy sewing

I had been wanting something with a clear ID pouch for my bus pass so I don't have to take off my mittens to ride the bus on cold days :) I made one myself, just making up the pattern as I went along. It was interesting. Functional. Not super pretty, but the fabric is cute. All in all, it worked, but I was on the hunt for something better.

This was last November. Yes, I was cold enough in November to not want to take off my gloves for 15 seconds to flash my ID to get on the bus. I have no tolerance for cold. Flash forward to about a month ago and one of my favorite pattern designers, Erin Erickson of Dog Under My Desk (check out her page it is awesome!!!) started posting Instagram pictures of a wallet she was designing. It had a clear ID pouch! Yes! I waited with baited breath for the pattern release, snapped it up and then had absolutely no time for sewing. Sigh.

I decided to make one as a trial run and started on Wednesday evening. It was a long day after a long couple of weeks and I really wanted to see how my new sewing machine handles it. (Really quite well)

I spent about an hour and a half Wednesday night on it, then went to bed, not wanting my sleepiness to interfere with the finished product. After waking up insanely early, I haven't seen 5am in a while, I finished Thursday morning with maybe another hours work! It's cute and functional. I don't plan on stuffing much into it, just my bus pass and the various cards and things I need on campus so it's not really a wallet for me, more of a glorified card holder, but super cute and stylish :)

This is the crazy picture I took right before class started to send to my mom :)

I have another crazy week coming up: midterms! Lots of studying, listening, and practicing to do. I'm playing the first movement of Beethoven's fifth sonata for piano and violin for my repertoire class midterm and I have a take home essay and in class exam with listening example, score identification, and short answer for my 20th century music class.

Then it's spring break! Home to CO, and learning to use the long arm quilter :) and working on the rough draft on my 10 page paper on Aaron Copland, the final draft is due shortly afterwards.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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