Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Plans

There are so many things I am excited about for this summer that I'm having trouble knowing where to start :)

I'm home right now, which is fantastic, and this is really my summer break.  I am playing in a concert tonight (sold out!) and then I have about 2 more weeks to just hang out with my friends and family.  I was sewing yesterday, trying to finish up the quilting on my bed quilt so I can finally wash it, when all of a sudden I can't sew any more.  I'm not sure what happened and I don't feel like dealing with it today, so that is tomorrow's project.  After I go see my mom's second graders put on a play! They are so cute, I can hardly stand it :)

Otherwise, being home is all about sleeping in and relaxing.  Two words that are a bit foreign to me during the school year and I intend to take full advantage!

On the drive back with my mom, we stopped at a cute quilt store in Le Claire, Iowa and I found a fabric that I simply must own: Glow in the Dark constellations!  So awesome!!!  Unfortunately, the shop was sold out, so I am looking around online; the dangerous part about buying online is that it is easy to talk myself into ordering more than I would buy in a store to justify the shipping...sigh.

The weather has been crazy out here, tornadoes, crazy thunderstorms, sideways rain, and lots of hail.  I'm very glad I haven't been caught out in any of it yet.

Next up on the summer agenda is a massive road trip out to Maine!  I am crazy excited and finalizing my plans now.  First up, back tracking to Milwaukee and a day to recover from that 1,100 mile drive and then 3 more days of driving out to Hancock!  The program I am in is close to Acadia National Park and I am planning on bringing my bike with me so I can ride through the park on my days off :)  I have really missed having a bike to ride after it was stolen from the garage in September so my parents are helping my buy a used one as a birthday present!  I'm going out to see some tomorrow :)

And in the mean time, lots of practicing and listening to the rep I'll be playing this summer.  I just ordered a concerto and a daily violin exercise book to take with me to Maine and they should both arrive soon.  I will be working on the Bach g minor unaccompanied sonata, Tchaikovsky concerto, and Vitali Chaconne this summer as well as orchestra excerpts and the rep for the summer festival.  It will be very busy, but I'm really looking forward to it.

I promise there will be pictures next time!

To Do before leaving for Maine:
get car checked out, tires rotated
new camera battery or charger (don't know which isn't working) for good camera
buy bike and new helmet
finish quilting pinwheels
put garden block together
pack up handwork project for summer

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