Friday, November 21, 2014

So. Many. Words...

It has been so long since I posted, but I have been writing up a storm.  I finished the first draft of a research paper about a week ago, I wrote the "modified" paper from that version for my presentation on it, and now I'm working on the first draft of another, even bigger, research paper.  Whew.  My keyboard and laptop have definitely been getting a work out.

This has been the busiest semester I have ever had by far in terms of school work.  My graduate seminar, which is really interesting, has involved LOTS of reading each week to prepare for discussion as well as working on a research paper, I had a paper and presentation for my studio class (thankfully that is completely done), I have a series of listening logs that I'm not caught up on (oops...), I'm writing the proposal for my recital which is another huge research paper/project, and I'm doing all of the other day to day stuff.  You know, practicing, practicing, practicing, and did I mention practicing?

I'm enjoying the work, but I'll be honest, I'm really ready for break.  Not Thanksgiving break, winter break.  Which is in two and a half weeks!  YES!!!

My poor sewing machine got turned on maybe twice in October, and it hasn't been a whole lot better since then.  I am starting to work on the 3 Christmas gifts I'm making this year, because let's be serious, I'm not sure they will get done if I'm not working on them now...

I also optimistically basted an old UFO from a couple of years ago, Santa's Sleigh and reindeer.  It is super cute and has been sitting, waiting ever so patiently to be finished.  My bright idea was that I didn't need to go out any buy anything to get it ready to quilt, so I should put it together and then just have it sitting on my sewing table for whenever I have a spare minute.  The only problem with that plan is having a spare minute when my brain isn't mushy from all of the focusing I've done throughout the day...Let me tell you that free motion quilting around reindeer antlers with a mushy brain is a really bad idea...

Winter has finally arrived, which means the cold is here.  Gross.  I wish there would at least be snow with the cold, but apparently it doesn't work that way here in November.  The snow comes later.  

Next week I'm super excited to be going to IN to spend Thanksgiving with some extended family and to get out of WI for a while.  It will be a much needed change of pace and scenery!  Then it's just a week and a half until I head home for Christmas!!!! YES!!!

Hopefully I will have some time next week to take some good pictures of what I've been working on and share them, otherwise, I'll see you in December :)

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