Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quilty Adventures!

This past year I participated in my first online quilting bee.  There
were ups and downs, but I have no desire to do it again.  I was amazed by
some of the blocks that were sent to me, and completely
underwhelmed/dissapointed in others.  I was very excited to participate,
but I've been turned off of participating in these types of massive online
groups, I'll just stick to me, myself, and I.

I also bought a new sewing machine (which I absolutely love!!!) and taught
myself to free motion quilt!  So far I can do meandering loops and swirls
and I'm really good at tracing the edges of really fussy applique.  I have
one quilt top basted and another one waiting to get basted that I will attempt to
free motion quilt all over :)


Candy Corner

I have finished/almost finished most of the quilts on my list of things that
need to be completed!  All of the small ones are done :) and the bigger
ones are almost there!  Three of the four left on the list have completed tops, one of those is basted, one has a back pieced and the last one's back is almost finished.  That leaves only 1, yes 1, that is still not a top!

I want to quilt Candy Corner and Twitter this spring, it will be nice to have a warm quilt on my lap while it's super cold in WI... and I'm am really hoping to finish the Halloween quilt before I leave.  Lofty goal, but since I only want to do straight line quilting in the ditch and it's a pretty small couch quilt, I'm not overly concerned about that :)  The last WIP, while really beautiful, is one I have lost interest in making.  Don't get me wrong, I still love the pattern, but it is very intense to make just one block and I just don't have that kind of sewing time coming up for a while.  So I think I'll put its fabric back in the mix with everything else and just make the test block into a pillow cover or something.  

Two years after I decided to spend the year
finishing up projects I have almost gotten there.  It has definitely been
a learning process: I find that once I'm no longer working on a project it is
hard to get the motivation up to keep going on it, but if I let it sit, when I
come back I see all of these things I want to change and make better. 
Lesson: start and finish something quickly so I don't keep wanting to start
over!  I also discovered that I don't particularly like having several
projects going at once.  I may have slight quilters ADD, but I tend not to
finish things if I keep having to change the feet on my machine when switching
between projects or need to pause for a lot of extra "prep" work
(cutting, pulling more fabric, ironing know).  Lesson: prep
EVERYTHING for the project before I sew even one stitch.  I have also
discovered that the fabric I picked out 3-4 years ago may not be fabric I'm in
love with any more.  Lesson: don't just buy fabric to buy fabric. 
Buy it for a project and then use it for the project.

This being said, I have yet another list of quilts I want to make that is
ever growing!  I am really looking for patterns I love and fabric I
already own that I really want to use.  One of my bee mates requested modern maple blocks this year and I loved that block so much that I decided to make a quilt of it just for myself :) I have a box of red, pink, orange yellow fabrics that are just begging to be included!  I also picked up the perfect background fabric for it, a French text print in tan/cream.  I can see it in my head already and I love it!!!  Another quilt I am dying to make is a plus quilt with my gorgeous bundle of Dreamin' Vintage fabrics. 

As soon as I got them I knew I wanted a pattern that would showcase the prints and a plus quilt was the perfect solution :)  This one may be a bit difficult for me to piece (not because they are all squares) because I don't have a design wall in my apartment.  I'm not quite sure how to deal with that yet.  

Another long term project I want to work on is a Harry Potter bookcase.  My mom made one this summer and it is fantastic! 

This one is not hers, I can't seem to find the picture, but it is the one from the FandomInStitches Flickr page

I love the idea of a bookcase quilt since I am such a bookworm and making it HP themed is even better :D  I am planning to join along with FandomInStitches QAL using the Project of Doom paper piecing patterns.  It will by the first time I participate in a QAL and I'm looking forward to see how that goes.  I also have a bundle of fabrics that have been sitting around for 3 years... It is a set of 5 one yard cuts and 4 different patterns that use all of the fabric.  I need to sit down and pick a pattern and make it.  Before I decide I don't like the fabric anymore.  I also bought a pattern on a whim from Freshly Pieced, Wavelength.  I definitely have the rainbow colors in my stash, but I have no idea what I want to do with the background so for now it is still just an idea roaming around in the back of my head.  And lastly, I have the blocks my bee mates sent to me for my month in the Stash Bee.  Several of them will not be included.  I don't want to be the perfectionist, but several of them had cuts along the edges that are deeper than 1/4 inch or used selvedges or were not 12.5 inches square.  It was fun making the blocks for the most part, I really tried to push myself and make beautiful blocks for other people using their visions/ideas while learning some new techniques.  In the end though, I felt like some of the blocks I got back just weren't ones I want to use.  I haven't fully decided what I'm going to do with them yet, its up in the air.  Maybe I'll finally make a quilt and donate it!

It's not even a week into the new year and already I have a giant pile of WIP's :)

Linking to Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday!

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  1. I really like how introspective this post is. You have put a lot of effort into knowing yourself well and what your quilting strengths and weakness are. We quilt to be happy during the process and if we happen to love the finished product so much the better! KNowing yourself better promotes finding joy in our craft. I, too, am not one for block exchanges because piecing is my favorite part. Buying for a project and not just because I like the fabric? Wise advice perhaps but I think my will power is too weak to stick with that resolution. I do hear you though about tastes in fabric changing and what you just had to have can fall out of favor. I like the speedy delivery of buying something on Amazon prime for that reason. I get to have something at my peak of wanting it and not when my desire has fickle-ly faded.