Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's March! Yay! (Yikes!)

Holy moly, it's already March!  I was totally not expecting that...I mean I was, but I wasn't...  So many things to do and so little time.  

My recital is this month!  *happy (but horrible) dancing*  I am so excited to play for my friends and family.  I'm looking into streaming it live for my grandparents who don't (understandably) want to travel to WI for just one afternoon.  It has been a long journey and I've loved most of it.  Some of it, not so much, but thats life for you.  I have just a few logistical things left to do, like proof reading and submitting my program notes and creating a recital poster, neither of which is going to be a big deal.  I also need to print of a clean copy of my giant paper and have it signed by my committee to be filed away (for posterity???who knows...).  But the biggest thing left to do is find somewhere to take my dress to get it altered!!! I am not a garment sewer.  I am not willing to "give it a try" on my beautiful recital dress.  Therefore an expert needs to be found!  I have a list of places to call tomorrow, hopefully one of them can help me :)

Before the recital though is SPRING BREAK!!! I started counting down Feb. 12... Um, yeah.  That is how much I've needed the time off.  In anticipation of 5 days with no classes, I took my sewing machine in for a tune up.  I dropped it off, then went home for the weekend (where I got snowed in and my flight was canceled making my return to school 2 days after I needed to be back) and picked it up this week.  It is sewing great and just in time for the crazy amount of things I want to accomplish on it this month!

My March goals for sewing are to make a new purse for myself.  The one I'm using now is in the best shape of all of mine, but the strap is fraying and there are wear spots on the sides and bottom...

I also really, really, really want to catch up on the Harry Potter Project of Doom blocks that keep getting posted every Wednesday.  I have made 3 so far, but I think one of them will end up somewhere else because I tried something and I'm not loving it now.  Oh well. 
My idea was to replace one of the books only blocks by doing a reverse of the block next to it so that the two leaning books would frame two objects...But seeing them next to each other I'm not sold...

In an effort to attempt to catch up, I did pick out all of my fabric for the blocks that have been released so far (including one to replace one of the leaning blocks above).  I am using only scraps for every block except the background.  It is going to be really colorful!
Having the stack ready to go also makes it convenient when I'm procrastinating to just whip out one book :)
My other big project right now is quilting up my candy corner bed sized quilt.  The top (before I basted it) measured about 80x90 inches.  I love how it turned out, but it has been sitting on my floor since I got back from winter break...
Sitting under my happy snowman, patiently waiting to be quilted.

I have the thread, the binding is made, but every time I look at it I am crippled with indecision and fear about how to quilt it...So I decided to see if my local library has any books on quilting motifs or free motion quilting.  I was amazed to discover all of Angela Walter's books :) so I have requested them (as well as about 10 others) and I'm hoping that they will arrive before break so I can go through them, get some ideas and tips and then dive in!  I usually like to go through books before I decide to buy them, so this way I can add to my ever growing quilt book wish list :)
This top is the one I am most proud of.  I worked really hard on it and it is my best work so far.  I want the quilting to be amazing, and I think that is what was holding me back.  Then I watched Angela's video on things quilters should not do and she said that the best quilt top in the world is not a quilt and a completed quilt is much more meaningful than an unfinished top.  I think this was the kick in the pants I needed to get going with this!

I also bought some new fabric.  Surprise, surprise.  I have been wanting the Horizon line by Kate Spain for Moda since I first laid eyes on it.  I didn't buy any because I knew I didn't need any new fabric.  But then I got sucked in.  The charm packs were on sale.  So I bought 2.  And a batik charm pack may have jumped into the cart too (also on sale), along with a magazine.  I have plans for all of the fabric, so I wasn't just buying to buy (which is what I'm trying to avoid in an effort to keep my stash under control).
I love this line and I am planning to make the HST sampler quilt from Jeni B. at In Color Order! It will be super cute.  I'm debating on using a bright white for the background or a light gray...
These batiks are stunning!  I love batiks, but my mom loves them even more.  I'm planning on using these to make a patchwork purse for her :)
I have also been cross stitching.  When I was home for 4 days, I stayed with my parents in their new house.  They literally moved the day before I arrived so there was no TV or Internet.  We played board games, read books and I cross stitched.  I made some great progress on my lily :)
I also borrowed a few cross stitch pattern books from my friend, and there are 2 that I want to make most of the charts in them!  This could be a dangerous new hobby.

That is all I have for now, hopefully the weather starts to warm up just a tad and break comes quickly!

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