Monday, January 11, 2016

At least...

It would be so easy to finish that sentence in so many ways :)

Right now though, the ending comes courtesy of my friend Rose (she picked her own internet/blog/persona name).  We have phone calls periodically that last hours.  I'm not kidding, hours.  That's how I know we are such good friends :)  We can live over a thousand miles away from each other, have not seen each other in over 6 months, will likely not see each other anytime soon, and still manage to find hours of things to talk about!

I am in the phase of complaining about how long it is taking to get myself established as a free lance teacher and player.  I am doing well considering I started about 4 and a half months ago, but I am definitely not where I want to be yet.  Her laughter inducing response was "At least no one is trying to marry you off!" 

It is so true!  No one is trying to marry me off :)  I am (for the most part) not asked about when/if I'll ever find a guy by my family anymore.  They have stopped making veiled references to children and only occasionally make direct comments.  This is great because (at least in my mind) it means they see that I have the potential to be successful in my own right.  All by myself.  Alone. 

Now, don't misunderstand, I am not saying it wouldn't be nice to find someone to share my life with, but as my dad likes to remind me, I'm super picky.  About lots of things.  Which is totally true.  But shouldn't I be?  Part of the reason I am able to be successful is that details are important to me, I want everything to look/be great so that other people see the best of me.  Maybe that isn't the best protocol for everything, but those are thoughts for another day!

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