Wednesday, August 28, 2013

End of Summer Break

Summer is coming to an end for me. Classes start next week, 6 days! I'm really looking forward to getting going, I have just a bit too much free time on my hands right now. My roommate and I have begun learning to use the bus system which is going to be my primary means of transport to and from campus.

We went to Irish Fest and Discovery World a couple of weekends ago and I got some great pictures from the Reimann Aquarium! I love looking at fish. And we got to pet a sturgeon and manta rays. It was pretty comical as I am not tall enough to reach into the tank without completely leaning on the side, so I got soaked :)

I have really settled in with my stuff in the apartment too. My room is done and I have a permanent sewing table set up in the dining room!

These are the hummingbirds hanging on the cork board, one of several works in progress I already have going...

Not to mention the practicing and prepping for auditions. That's all for now!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New City

Moved at last...when do I get to go home???

The drive out was nice and cool, rain for 3 days, and it was fun spending more time with my mom. We were both very surprised at the lack of bike racks on people's cars once we got out of Nebraska, but come to find out people just don't seem to cart them around, they just ride them. So I'm not a weirdo after all. I definitely had the day long freak out about staying here and not going back to CO, and I didn't go back (I just had to keep telling myself that I no longer could fit everything in my car so I was stuck here). There was a frustration with the furniture from IKEA, ok a major issue, but in the end, building a nightstand, bed, and couch after 6:30pm in one night with your roommate that you met for the first time 3 days before becomes a bonding experience.

This is my room from that first night...a lot of color in a very white space. More pictures of the final set up later, it looks pretty nice :)

Settling into the new city has been interesting. I have yet to find a "regular" grocery store. Right now I'm using the super Walmart and that bothers I'll keep hunting. Otherwise, I have a feeling that my crafting is going to be fueled with Internet purchases. None of the JoAnns stores are anywhere near the caliber of the ones back home which is a major disappointment as is the lack of quilt stores within reasonable driving distance. Oh well.

We did get to see the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, which was fantastic. Check out their website:

And if you didn't think I was crazy yet, my roommate and I did a 1000 mile road trip last weekend to see the DCI World Finals in Indianapolis and visit her families farm. 10 days after driving 1000 miles for the move I drove another 1000. It's a good thing my car loves me. And gets good gas mileage.

So much fun!

In an effort to explore my new city and get involved, I'm volunteering with Doors Open Milwaukee. This is an event where historical buildings open up to the public for free for one weekend in September. I'll be at a beautiful church in downtown, and the best part is that my volunteer badge lets me jump the lines at any of the other sites I want to see :) I'm really looking forward to that weekend at the end of September.

In other news, visited the art museum today. The architecture was fabulous, as were the exhibits.

It sits right on the lake and has impressive views.

In a more regular vein, I am getting ready for 2 auditions (they are never ending...): one for the sub list of the MSO and the other for chair placements in the university symphony orchestra. And I'm pondering joining a community orchestra. Plus I am studying for the diagnostic tests I will take next week for placement in the correct classes. So not much going on :)

That's all for now, once the light gets better I'll take some pictures of the apartment.