Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where has April gone?

I had such plans! So many things were going to get accomplished. Alas, life got in the way as usual. I did manage to finish two big projects for school, quilt my table runner and placemats, finish the birthday gift, and this months bee blocks. Other than that, I've been practicing up a storm. I now have 3 pieces for my jury (2 weeks ago I only had one) and they have needed some serious attention. The final orchestra concert is tomorrow night, and it has some crazy hard rep on it, and there is this community orchestra I am subbing in as the concert master. So no stress right :)

In my moments of snatched free time, I did learn how to free motion quilt meandering loops ion the placemats and table runner as well as the surprise birthday gift. I just need to bind the table toppers now :) then I will be done and they look really cute!!!

I did manage to finish up my Stash Bee blocks for this month:

I am heading to the post office to mail them this afternoon.

In the next two weeks I have 4 concerts to play in and 7 or 8 recitals to attend. Then it's just finals and projects and juries. Wish me luck, it's crunch time!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Showers...wash the snow away?

It has been a long and cold winter.  I have never been cold for so long in my life.  And yes, I know I'm a wimp.  I didn't used to be...but moving to WI made me a cold wimp :( 

However, on a happier note, spring is coming!  Slowly but surely :) The birds are singing sometimes, there is way less snow and the temperatures are above freezing!  Yay!!! I'm personally hoping for a rainy season, I love the rain: it is rejuvenating! 

I have been steadily working away on several projects including my huge research paper for this semester on Aaron Copland and his collaboration with Martha Graham that culminated with Appalachian Spring in 1944.  I have always loved this piece and studying its conception and the creative process is fascinating.  There were several hitches along the way, but the final product is stunning.

I am also compiling a comprehensive list of viola literature (concertos, sonatas, solo pieces, and other works for viola) which is interesting and much more difficult than I originally thought it would be.  I am trying to decide the best way to list it right now, as well as still adding too it.  I don't know how I would do it without IMSLP!

I have several goals for April:
Finish Copland Paper (due April 14)
Finish the viola repertoire list
Memorize my de Beriot concerto
Deep clean the apartment
Pack away winter clothes and pull out stuff for donation
Finish the top of Twitter
Finish the Sparks table runner and placemats
Make a surprise birthday gift for a friend
Potholders for the apartment
A Zipper pouch for another friend as a Congrats on a new job gift
Make a new wallet and check book cover for myself

If I finish all of of those things, then there are a few others :)
Write the Lalo comparison paper for my studio class (Due May 5)
Make a wallet for my aunt to match her purse
Finish cutting out the fabric for my next bed quilt
Finish fusing the applique for the garden quilt
Make the background for the garden quilt