Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Catching up and catching my breath!

It has been so long since I posted...I meant to, but as usual life just kept getting in the way.  Since March 1, I have given my graduate violin recital, passed my final comprehensive exam, had my proposal passed by the graduate committee, graduated with my Master's Degree, started looking for jobs and taken an audition!  I'm sure everyone who has graduated without having a specific job lined up understands my stress, but I'll just tell you that it is making me anxious.  All I want is to know where I'm going so I can get started and dive into my work.  Being able to play and teach and not be in school is what I have been looking forward to most this year so I am very excited to get a job lined up :)

I was terribly pleased with my recital and my professor got some good clips of my playing which was fun to see pop up on Facebook!  I was also really happy that I was able to broadcast my recital live so my family and friends who were not able to come could watch me play.  There were more people watching the live stream and the saved video afterwards than were there live.  I do have to admit that my desire to practice severely dropped off after the recital, but I have found it again.  It didn't help that I have been dealing with a persistent wrist injury since February either.  I think it is finally starting to get back to normal, but I'm still being extra cautious with it.

I have been getting some quilting and sewing done, mainly mending and other non-interesting projects, but I did finish my candy corner quilt.  This is my second full size bed quilt and it finished approximately 80"x90".  I quilted it rather densely which took a long time, but I really like the final appearance so I think it was worth it!

I have started working on several other projects and hopefully will finish them up soon and share them, but for the most part my time is spent filling out job applications.  I keep searching for more in the hopes that one of them will work out :)

I did get out this morning to ride my bike along a path near my apartment.  I really enjoy riding there  because for just a little while I can convince myself I am not in the middle of a city, I just get to enjoy being outside without all of the car/city noises.  It has been a bit rainy so I haven't gotten out as much as I would like, but I'm hopeful that the rain will lighten up soon!