Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Home at last and taking a risk

I'm back!  It took 2 years and an almost move to Tennessee, but I'm home again in Colorado :)

This summer I focused so much on getting a job (because that's what you do after grad school right?) that I temporarily lost sight of the reasons I went back for my Master's in the first place.  After a tearful phone call with my grandfather (he knows me so well) I knew I needed to take the risk and stop looking for a job.  I know what you're thinking...what??? that's crazy! why would you do something so ridiculous? 

I have a simple answer: this is the best possible way for me to achieve my goals.  Now, I know, that is not very specific, but trust me when I say that it was definitely the right choice for me.  How, you ask, is not looking for a job the right choice?  Well, I want to teach and perform, but not at a level that either of those options comes with a full time/salaried job.  I don't have any aspiration to play with a full time/high level professional orchestra or teach at the college level.  The competition to get those jobs is fierce because there are so many qualified candidates, and it isn't what I love to do.

Way back before I decided to pursue a graduate degree I knew that I wanted to play with a regional orchestra and teach kids how to play the violin.  Those are still my goals.  I love the camaraderie of a regional professional orchestra and I absolutely love teaching kids (it doesn't hurt that I'm good at teaching) so it never made sense for me to be trying to find a job that doesn't align with my goals.  All I was doing was making myself sick trying to imagine myself in these various jobs in places I had no desire to live.

So, I packed up my stuff, shipped it back to a storage facility in CO and temporarily moved back in with my parents.  I have been looking for students as well as gigs, and I have made progress on both fronts :)  I am teaching 2 days a week with a local music store, and have 3 auditions for orchestras coming up in the next month as well as several possible wedding gigs with a friend of a friend who just happens to be a wedding planner.  I am so excited and happy!

Plus, the move really is temporary, I have a new apartment on September 1!!!!  I think that is the most exciting part about all of this, I will have my own place for the first time and all of my stuff will be there instead of spread out in various locations like it has been since 2008...

So, I don't have much to share in the way of sewing projects or pictures really, but I'm doing great and looking forward to the next adventure :)

Because I couldn't have no pictures...This is from one of 2 gorgeous hibiscus bushes at my parent's new house!